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Patience is necessary for success. It is  said that " All good things come to those who wait."
If you wish to achieve anything of significance, we can not expect to achieve it overnight.  Patience teaches us to value the  effort & not just the success .
It is  a mistake to think that happiness can only be attained through certain achievements. 

Patience takes time to learn. If you aren't born with it. You have to be able to trust & wait. Being patience brings peace of  mind .When we expect certain outcomes, we have no peace in mind for we set the standards extremely high.  If you  get  frustrated also, nothing  gets done expect your temper rises and  when you try to learn.  

Something, you need to stay patient well because the same thing will happen to you and you will get no where. Some ways to be more patient are :
Just stop, catch the mind ranting that you shouldn't be in this situation. 
Settle into the moment you might feel your body. 
Go into your body with your mind's eye and find out how you know you're impatient. 
 If you  can  open any tightness, breathe into any clenching. 
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