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Caring means showing our concern or love for someone. We can call it the purest form of love also. When we care or show our concern for someone, it makes any relationship stronger and builds respect for each other. We can care for anyone, our family, friends, the creatures living around us like birds or animals. 

We can provide food and water to animals and grow plants for their shelter. Even we should care for the environment we live in. How much we will care for nature it will return us more than we do. In this time of the Corona pandemic, we all need to take care of our family and ourselves. Get in touch with friends, family, call them, talk to them, give them emotional support if required. 

We should make people aware of the situation and help them to escape from this pandemic can also be called caring. Caring for someone makes us feel good as well as others. It gives emotional support to the people. At home, we can help our parents and grandparents with their work to not feel tired. Doing a small act of caring every day without expecting anything in return can make you a better person in real life. It makes you a responsible person. 

Monika Vaishnav
The Fabindia School

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