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How do you handle stress and pressure? The easiest way to get started is to take ten minutes each day to prioritize and organize all the key things you need to accomplish. Once you have the big priorities identified, you can break down your large goals into smaller, more manageable incremental goals. At that point, you will have a plan for moving ahead. Focusing on accomplishing one task at a time can prevent you and others from feeling overwhelmed. With this in mind, try these tips to start thriving under pressure. 

It’s important to recognize the small steps that you and your team members are taking towards completing a larger project because it helps people feel good about their accomplishments, builds morale, and bolsters the team’s confidence while working through long-term initiatives.

Studies strongly suggest that having the ability to handle pressure successfully plays a significant role in their success and the organization they work for. People who work well in high-pressure situations have a few things in common, including the ability to resolve conflict positively and meet challenges with humour and determination. These leaders and employees have the self-awareness to know when they feel stressed and manage their responses to that pressure. 

Prakash Dangi  
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