Unity and Caring - Reah Sikand

Parenthood and teachers have a very powerful job, the job to bring up a human being and shape them and give them good values.
When I became a teacher I realised I am shaping children’s minds at a young age and for them to be good human beings I needed to have the values it takes for them to learn from me. Kindness and compassion need to be instilled in children from an early age. I realised my job was not only to teach them in a classroom but to teach them outside the classroom as well. I needed to play more roles in their lives much more than a teacher. 

Caring is an emotion that most us crave for and need. From when a child is born she needs to be cared for and given lots of love to and when we turn old that’s the other time when we need the most care from people. We feel a certain sense of security and love when we know we have someone who cares about us. Kids need lot of care and they also need to care for each other. Kids have a great quality of sensing adults. Even if your a strict teacher and you care about the kids they can totally sense it and this is something I have observed personally. Kids need to be dealt with a lot of patience care and love. 

Unity is when we work together as a unit, we as human beings are very different from each other but unity brings us together. Unity is essential for group work, when we work in unity we learn to cooperate with each other and this helps in the smooth functioning of work. As they say united we stand divided we fall. I feel schools specially boarding schools help teach us the true essence of unity. We unknowingly learn the power of unity when we play group sports and we live together for 8 months of the year together. When we are united we learn to respect each other’s opinions and accept people for who they are. Like they say one for all and all for one. 

In times like this of Covid we need to stand united and help each other in whatever possible manner we can. I feel values and morals make a good human being and being, a good human being is the most important thing by the end of the day. When we meet a person for the first time we meet a person we base our judgment on how their personality is or how they treat us, we don’t remember their marks or their degree by the end of the day we remember the person and their personality and how they treated us that’s what matters most.

Reah Sikand
Drama Teacher at The Doon Girls School - India

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