Freedom and Peace - Vandana Goel

“Man is born free but bound in chains everywhere.”

Every soul is born free, but the societies’ beliefs, norms, entangle it and the mind becomes conditioned accordingly. With the practice that comes with the right kind of education, one can perceive one’s own inner dialogue and break free from all kind of negative influences, thereby paving the road to self-discovery.

A free mind lives in a free soul. Freedom from the baggage of past problems, multi-tasking ambitions, and egoistic desires detoxifies one’s inner self-helping in attaining inner peace and contentment.

At the micro-level of a classroom where children can speak up for their inquisitive minds and innovative ideas, being fully aware of the behavioural norms helps them build harmonious relations amongst each other and with their elders, teachers, and everyone.

At the macro level, the same children become responsible citizens who can resolve their conflicts amicably, thereby BRINGING PEACE to the whole world. 

Life is a bungee jump – whereby an individual. 

Takes a leap of faith

Feels the FREEDOM &

Finds the PEACE

FREEDOM encompasses PEACE. “TO BE” is the only solution for a positive thought oriented life. 

At any moment, the choiceless awareness of NOW helps a person to break all barriers. These barriers are the accumulated emotions of anger, ego, lust, hatred, etc. Once these barriers are broken, a person heads towards self-actualization. 

One needs to distinguish between 

What U think U are

What others think U are

What actually U are ------ THIS IS FREEDOM

One becomes light --- from all burdens of negative pursuits, and one emits light ---- of peace and happiness 

- Vandana Goel is pursuing the Learning Forward India PLP - Joy Of Learning. Find out more www.LFIN.Academy 


  1. Hello Vandana,
    I must say that this topic is very well written and tackled by you.
    So proud. Keep it up.
    We will look forward to more insight about other topics.

  2. Thanks manisha di it’s nice to know that you have liked the matter🙏Surely will try to do my best next time also🙏

  3. Interesting write up. We all need to be in the moment respnsibily


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