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NEP [National Education Policy 2020] is a policy formulated by the Government of India to promote and regulate education in India. The Policy covers elementary education to higher education in both rural and urban India. The NEP is the supreme curricular document. It forms the first tier of a two-tier model of the educational program. It defines the main principle and aims of the curricular policy of the state. 

Apps Curriculum in Alignment to NEP 2020
Pre-primary education helps the child in the following aspects as the curriculum prescribed by NEP 2020
Faster respect for the parents, cultural and national values and traditions, mother tongue and child’s own cultures. 

Activity-Based Learning ( ABL) programme is an innovative, interesting and collaborated classroom transaction programme for students of one to four who have been introduced in the pre-primary schools worldwide. 

Activity-Based Learning has the following objectives: 
To gauge the learning achievement of students of Classes K.G. to IV. 
To study the difference in achievement concerning social groups, gender and location. 
To understand the factors of the learning environment offered to children before and after the invention of ABL pedagogy.

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