Why are Human resources important for a nation? - Swabhi Parmar

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Human resources must be considered both from the angle of assets and the liabilities connected with the attainment of economic development. For the attainment of economic development, proper utilization of both natural and human resources is very much essential.

Proper utilization of natural endowments and the level of production of national wealth depend very much on the extent and efficiency of human resources.

But too much population will again eat up all the fruits of development. Thus from the point of view of economic welfare, it is essential to study human resources in detail. It should be equally stressed that human beings are the vital instrument of production. At the same time, fruits of all economic activities are rested on the betterment of conditions of living of human beings.

Thus given its importance, it is quite essential to know both in quantitative and qualitative terms the size, rate of growth, composition, distribution, and all other demographic features of the population of India. The process of acquiring and increasing the number of persons who have skills, education, and experience is critical for the country's economic and political development.

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