God Helps Those Who Help Themselves - Shivani Rao

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Self-help is the best form of help. When we do our work instead of depending upon others, we align ourselves to receive divine help. It is better to rely on our efforts and then pray to God to help us succeed in our hard work. Many things are shaped by prayer, but not merely by prayer.

Our attempts and efforts are very much essential, and our prayers will strengthen our purposes. Our foremost responsibility as God's creation is to do our best in whatever we strive we do. Only then God lends a helping hand. But if we choose to be lazy, waiting for someone else to do our work for us, God will not help us in any way because he has given us the ability to help ourselves, and we should be using it constantly.

If we observe, we will see that the most successful men are the ones who are the most hardworking as well.  We know success awaits those who work hard.  Hence, we can say that God helps but helps only those who help themselves.

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