Peace and Freedom - Mezhu Chopra

I believe peace and freedom are interrelated because one can be at peace only when one is free from things or situations that bind us. The word 'freedom' makes me ponder freedom; from whom, what or where? At times, we only look at the tangible things that we need to break free from, often forgetting how our minds weave together a web by feeding on our deepest insecurities. I was also a victim of my own fears, grappling with the fear of losing my eldest child. 

Starting from his premature birth coupled with multiple health issues, the fear kept growing. Without me knowing, every time we celebrated his birthday, I thought, "What if it's his last birthday"? Over time, the thought of losing him became more prominent even amongst my relatives as visits to the doctor became more frequent. When my child turned 12, he suffered a major health issue, which further gripped me with fear. The next morning, as I was meditating on the Scriptures, I came across this verse, “For by Him all things were created, and in Him, all things hold together". I heard a voice asking me if worrying would help me add one day to my child's life. At that moment, I decided to surrender my fear into God's hands and let his will prevail over my child.  Words cannot comprehend the peace I experienced 16 years ago as I freed myself from the clutches of fear. Although the health issues continued for a few more years, I was no longer living in fear.

Mezhu Chopra
The Doon Girls's School, Dehradun

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