Importance of Social and Emotional Learning - Bharti Rao

Social & Emotional Learning provides a foundation for safe and positive learning. The whole focus of institutions should be more on learning than on teaching. Focus on learning helps to enhance the students’ abilities to succeed in school, career and life.

As Educators, we need to find different motivational ways to engage the students in learning to behave positively and perform academically. We need to find the potential of a student and help him grow accordingly. Mastery of Social & Emotional aspects will help us go a long way, but we need to practice empathy. Empathy needs to be inculcated in the student’s, and they will be able to recognize other’s emotions.

Social & Emotional Learning helps enhance their relationship skills, establishes & maintains a healthy, rewarding relationship. You inculcate the value of empathy and compassion. SEL helps one to become a responsible decision-maker, creates self-awareness & self-confidence. It inculcates communicative & collaborative skills in the students.

As Educators, we know that all our students are different. Hence, we need to understand our students, find their potential, develop their skills according to their ability, invite their experience, and sharpen their dreams. Emphasizes should be laid down on the all-round development of the student. The need of the hour is to develop one’s social and emotional learning in schools and at home, and in society.

Bharti Rao
The Fabindia School

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