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Talking about an honest assessment of the situation & taking action even when it's way out of your comfort zone. Thus we grow & don't suck & we have success if we are efficient in our original look inside at the "real" situation we "suck" at. Where can you find the motivation?

There isn't going to be an easy answer. My suggestion is to avoid looking at the entire meaning of life and focus on the meaning of tomorrow. It might take your whole life to be fully satisfied with an answer to the meaning of life, but finding meaning in tomorrow is closer to reaching. Then - How do you find meaning in tomorrow? There are many routes.
1) Setting goals.
2) Finding something I'm passionate about.

Setting goals you really care about is a good way to give your motivation a head start. If you're cynical and set goals you don't think you'll achieve, they won't motivate you. But whenever you spend a lot of time contemplating what you truly desire, motivation usually follows.

Usually, it is not that we don't have dreams, but that our dreams have been smothered by what we view as "reasonable". If you can let yourself set goals and think about what you want, you can recapture some of that motivation. Setting goals isn't an instant cure. There will still be times you lose motivation and slip into apathy. But they are helpful. The second path I've used to recapture motivation is to find something I'm passionate about. This is a harder path because you can't force it. Stumbling on your passions isn't as direct a route as goal-setting.

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