Thoughtfulness and Understanding - Swabhi Parmar

Being kind and thoughtful means making ourselves aware of the needs and feelings of others and
then taking action to help them. It means taking the time to stop thinking about ourselves, to put the spotlight on somebody else's needs. Sometimes we can't do anything to solve somebody's particular problem but just the act of showing concern and compassion can help to comfort them and make a difference. For example, your friend might be worried or sad about something that is happening at home. Even though you cannot solve that problem you can spend some time listening to your friend's worries and supporting them as much as possible. This is pure thoughtfulness. This also means thinking for others before yourself. 

When a friend gets sick or a local family falls on hard times, grown-ups should know what to do. They should send flowers, make cards for them, cook their favourite dishes to cheer their mood. We must get our kids involved in these projects. They will find out how good it feels to brighten someone's day. This is also a great opportunity to talk about being on the other side of the good-karma equation—ask them whether they remember when someone did something nice for them and how it made them feel. Being thoughtful not only means taking care of someone but it is also taking care and being sensitive towards the environment and nature. Thoughtfulness stands on the foundation of understanding. If you understand someone or something then the half problem is solved immediately. 

Understanding is one of the most important values as it lays a strong foundation of every value like patience, tolerance, hope, friendship, cooperation, love etc. In my thoughts understanding someone is an art and that art comes from love, emotions and strong relationships. When you know yourself well you know others well and when you know others well then you know yourself well. This is a fact that if the person is in a tough situation and having the same emotional condition like us, we can understand that person's situation completely and then when he or she helps us to solve the problem then it creates a new relationship bond and a very good level of understanding. It makes every relationship peaceful and happy while lack of understanding leads to confusions and doubts. Both the values i.e; Thoughtfulness and Understanding has the power to change the world of every possible living being on this planet. So we should be thoughtful and understand everybody to create a better world.

Swabhi Parmar
The Fabindia School

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