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A dialogue between a teacher and a student

Student: As I look out of the class and watch the birds fly past, the squirrel run up and down from the tree to the grass, that is happiness for me! 

Teacher: I see you look out of the window and not at the board, the window to the world, that I worked all night in the cold, for you my child and yet not say a word, that is tolerance for me!

Student: Do you know, teacher? Much as I would love to hop, skip and jump, walk forward and backwards and then take a turn and run, I walk in a line, one foot behind the other, with a body like a pole, from head to toe, that is tolerance for me!

Teacher: I know my child, I understand what you say, for I have seen you jump in the puddles, as you go walking in the rain, my childhood memories come flooding back again, that brings happiness to me!

Student: Oh really, teacher? You too were a child like me, in school, and listened to your teachers without being naughty? Then why don’t you let me be ME?

Teacher: I wish I could get off the silly-bus, my child, that we call the syllabus and let you experience the world unfold, just the way, YOU want it night and day, for happiness leads to tolerance and tolerance leads to happiness, is what we believe and say!

We as educators understand that happiness comes from contentment and achievement of goals, happiness leads to tolerance and tolerance comes with understanding, understanding the perspective of the people around us. So, let us set realistic goals and work towards tolerance.

Magnets DGS: 
Kiran Juyal, Manju Srivastava, Mezhu Chopra, Pooja Sharma, Renu Sundriyal
The Doon Girls' School, Dehradun

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