Unity and Caring - Kusum Sharma

Unity is strength is the famous phrase that represents the power of strength. Unity and care are very important values for our survival. A caring person is kind and gives emotional support to others and can make people united by care and respect. A common example to explain the same can be a family situation. If all the members in a family stand united and help each other with their tasks each one of them will benefit in all events.
If we look around,  people respect and take care of each other are happier. The children there get a healthier environment which is essential for their all-round development and the adults in the family also live a good life. They depend on each other and take it as their responsibility to fulfil all their duties with joy. They do not crib or complain against each other. On the other hand, the families where people don’t stand by each other and are busy trying to put the others down do not only ruin their own life but also that of their coming generations. People belonging to such families often feel lonely and end up in depression.
Life of a human being is full of ups and downs.  So, on each stage of life, everyone needs someone who can care and understand with no expectation. Those special people are called truly caring people. Caring people have always their special place in anyone’s life and give emotional support to other.so the people who are caring and United can get freedom from all kind of negativity.
Kusum Sharma
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