Change Creation Process - 5 Steps for Schools

System for Building Innovative Schools and Increasing Student Learning
~ Focus must be on creating the right leadership, vision, culture, and relationships in school to support and sustain the Change Creation system.

The School Board and the Management support the principal in creating an environment that nurtures excellence, trust, risk-taking, and creativity.
~Faculty and staff develop meaningful relationships, build collaboration and action teams for solving priority learning issues, and share findings across the school toward becoming an authentic learning community
~Members see the big learning improvement picture, create shared values and vision, and empower and inspire each other.
~Where all personnel are committed to learning, sharing, and relearning to improve learning for all students.
~Where time and preparation are provided to help everyone understand the essentials of change, share them collectively, and execute them effectively to create learning innovations.

Schools follow a general cycle of work over the course of the school year - within this general cycle, a Change Creation system is needed to build a Change Creation process. 

A five-step process starts with the creation of Action Teams
1 - The Faculty and Leaders identify student learning needs and for action teams
2- Each Action Team creates action plans
3 - Implement inquiry cycles to change practice and improve student learning
4 - Action Team and the Faculty impact is assessed, and evaluate the effect on teacher practice and student learning
5- Share results and best practices across the school and apply lessons learned

We’ll design a plan that meets your unique needs and improves teaching and learning in your school.

Schools Can Change: A Step-by-Step Change Creation System for Building Innovative Schools and Increasing Student Learning by Carlene U. Murphy, Dale W. Lick, and Karl H. Clauset . Available from The English Book Depot, you can order online 

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