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Happiness is related to something that makes us feel good inside and satisfied. Nobody from outside can make you happy until you yourself want to be happy. If a person keeps a smile on his face while meeting others, it is not sure that he is the happiest person, he might be actually happy or he might try to hide his pain, his sadness. It is about having inner pleasure. Happiness makes us mentally and physically healthy. It affects everything we do. It is very important to be happy in life because a happy person spreads positivity and happiness in others life but if someone is unhappy, he can't perform well anywhere.

Happiness is something that we can't buy with money, we need to build it inside our hearts and brains. A person needs to have patience and understanding to become happy. We should try to achieve what we want but we must appreciate what we have. Becoming impatient and over-ambitious can ruin our happiness. I see people feeling happy by doing little work, like the children look so happy when they play with friends, helping any needy one, talking to someone when someone feels lonely. If we are happy. We enjoy everything that happens around us otherwise an unhappy person feels lonely among hundreds of people. 

Monika Vaishnav
The Fabindia School

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