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It is not an unknown fact that the most important thing in our life is water. It is fuel for all the living things which reside on this planet, Earth. Denying the importance of rivers would be wrong, as they are vital for the irrigation of crops and the existence of life on Earth. Not only rivers support life to the organism inside it, but also to the species that reside outside it. Plants will fail to grow and die if they do not get enough water. The human body will not be able to function properly if there is no water for them to drink. We get all the water we have from rivers, as they are the only source of water.

Not only for drinking, but water is also one of the primary ingredients for cooking food. We get this water from rivers. The importance of rivers is much than we recognize in our lives, ranging from the drinking water that we have to the electricity-producing plants which power all the appliances we have in our lives. It would not be wrong to say that life will only continue to exist if there is a river flowing on this planet.

Nowadays rivers in virtually every country face an array of threats due to the growing pollution. So, to highlight the values of rivers in our life World Rivers Day is celebrated on the fourth Saturday of the month of September. It strives to increase public awareness and encourages the improved stewardship of all rivers around the world.

On this day many enhancement projects are carried out to clean the rivers. People do surfing, canoeing, water activities etc. to celebrate this day. I would like to quote that 'If you save water, water will save you' so save rivers which is an integral part of our life.

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