Value of Silence - Sharmila Vijayvargi

It is said that silence is golden. This statement highlights the importance of silence in our lives. There is a deafening noise all around us. Vehicle horns and engines whizzing Jet aircraft screeching machines and blaring loudspeakers create so much of noise that we have forgotten how silence feels like, so much so that whenever there is silence we feel uncomfortable. Modern life affords little time for enjoying the bliss of silence that prevails in nature. People have no time to stand and stare. Have you gazed at stars on a calm and placid night or viewed the calm blue waters of a lake on a beautiful day? Have you enjoyed yourself of the music of nature just as the famous poets Wordsworth and Keats used to? There is so much noise around us especially in the cities that we have created special silence zones at places where silence is indispensable example hospitals, schools and colleges, libraries and prayer halls.

No prayer or meditation is possible where there is deafening noise that is why the sages in the ancient times preferred caves, forests and mountain tops for the meditation. But little children love to make noise. They are too young to know the importance and value of silence in life. Their noise at play may be an expression of their excitement and joy but it may disturb others. Therefore let us realize the importance of silence in our life. Let us learn to observe it, for it is an integral part of the discipline in life when we observe silence peace prevails all around us 

Everything goes on smoothly just like the planets move silently in their orbits. When silence is not observed there is chaos, for everyone wants to be heard but nobody is ready to listen. The atmosphere becomes unhealthy and unpleasant. A very small incident may turn into an ugly brawl  We must learn when and how much we ought to speak and when we must keep quiet. We must always observe the etiquette of silence wherever we are at home, in our classroom, in the library or when visiting an ailing relative or friend at the hospital. 

The conversation is a two-way process. We must learn to listen if you want to be heard.No one likes a talkative person. Therefore we should not waste time in idle talk. Time thus saved can be better utilized and productive work. If the silence can say it, why waste a word? Communication is not all the noise that's heard. Silence too speaks. A language of its own. Discover its power, respect every silent zone.

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