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Time one of the most precious thing on the earth. Once it goes, never returns. Success and failure of a person depending on how they utilize their time. To achieve successful lifetime management is necessary.

What is time management?  We all have got 24 hours in a day. We cannot do each and everything that we desire to.  This creates hurdles in our everyday work.  Human beings have an unlimited dream to fulfil each, time management is required. In order to work upon each and every corner of your interest division of time is necessary, so that you can complete all your task on time. 

You can be at any stage of your time management strategy leads your future. If you are students studies should be given first priority then come to your personal development and then social life that consist of family and friends. It is important for students to take out time from the daily routine of schools and colleges for personal growth. If you are a working person then running after money should not be your first priority your quality of work should be. Then comes our family. It's equally important to spend time with them.  One must always remember that lost money can be regained if you use your time wisely but lost time can never be repurchased.

Shivani Rao
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