Byju Joseph: Importance Of Character Formation In Childhood

Character is not just we show before others. It is the sum of many qualities, feelings, moral values etc. Character formation is an integral part of education. Parents always wish their children to achieve knowledge and to reach high positions. Most of the parents are not bothered about the inculcation of good behaviour and moral values. School being the second home of children has an important role in this regard. In view of this, teachers are always ready to help children in all aspects. At the same time children are also having certain duties and rules to be followed. They should obey their parents, teachers and elders, practice good manners and respect for each other.

Wordsworth said, “The child is the father of the man”. Our childhood experiences are the basis of our character. It is the character that formed in the childhood that decides our behaviour as an adult. Whatever things we learn in our childhood only we follow and that only reflect in us. If children lead a disciplined life, they will be disciplined gentlemen when they grow up.

Learn to select good practices and follow them for becoming good citizens of our country.

Byju P. Joseph
The Fabindia School

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