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Patience and Courage leads to Victory
Raghu was very excited and happy to present a beautiful necklace to his mother with his first salary. He was on his way home from the jewellery shop, when he decided to take the shorter route home crossing the paddy fields.

The thought of his mother’s reaction overwhelmed Raghu, he once again took out the necklace to admire its beauty. The necklace shone in the sunlight, it sparkled and this blinding light reflected by the necklace made Raghu lose his balance.

He dropped flat on the field. As he recovered himself and got back to his feet, he noticed that he was no longer holding the necklace. He looked around in vain and finally he noticed a sparkle coming from one of the ditches in the field.

As he walks towards the ditch he finds the necklace but to his shock, there was a snake sitting in the same ditch! Raghu was very nervous and did not know how he should retrieve the necklace.
He instantly starts throwing stones hoping that the snake would slide out of the ditch. This did not work instead it seemed to aggravate the snake. Raghu felt helpless and afraid yet he decided to sit and wait patiently for the snake to leave the ditch.

Minutes turned into hours nut the snake did not move. Finally, Raghu came up with an idea. He collected a few sticks, twigs and straw from the field and placed them near the ditch. He took out a matchbox from his pocket and set the pile on fire.

The smoke and the heat generated by this fire forced the snake to slide out of the ditch bringing great joy to Raghu. He happily takes out the precious gift for his mother and walks home rejoicing.

This short incident shows how in life we are faced with many challenges and for which patience and courage are key to overcome the challenges. Raghu used his patience to escape his problems but when it did not work he used his courage to fight through his problem.

Sometimes in order to enjoy the fruit of life, we need to learn how to “Sow” the seed of patience, “Grow” the plant of courage which will bear the “Fruit” of victory.
- Shraddha Dewan <> -Adapters Sacred Heart Siliguri

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