UNITY: Rahul Thakur

Unity means being together. It means standing together and work together as a team. 

Unity is a very important massage that every parent should pass or share with there children and also should tell about the relevance and need of unity. They should set an example by creating healthy environment at home where everyone loves in coordination with each other. 

We often see that there is a fight or struggle on the basis of the individual issues of people without the unity, they cannot even understand that unity give us strength and strength gives us intellectual food to live peacefully as well as connected with all.

In earlier times people lived in joint families and connected with there relatives. Our country is full of tradition and culture of staying together and help each other is a pat of our culture. Joint family is a biggest example. Those system has prevailed in our countries.

Unlike the modern time in the past the families did not only live together but also bounded well with each other staying United helped them in many ways.
Rahul Thakur
The Fabindia School, Bali

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