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In the year 2019, a situation in a certain class arose...that was the monthly theme display. The theme to be displayed on their class board was HAPPINESS.

The class teacher was really worried since he had very few artists and creative students in his class. "Oh! God, What am I to do?" was his first expression. Even though quite dejected he gave a shot in the dark. He proposed the theme of Happiness to his group of 22 students. Each student was grouped A, B, C and D. The task was assigned to each group with the theme. "Two days you have, and not the extra period. Use your games or T.V. time." the class teacher announced.

A lot of reluctant grunts was heard from the students. " Sir, not the games please." usual request. "What about your T.V. time?"

"Yes, Sir we will do away with the T.V."

Two T.V. slots of three hours, the sacrifice, contribution and involvement of the students evolved into a beautiful display of ideas to pursue Happiness. Ultimately the class was able to display their creation.

The week passed by, the students waited eagerly for Tuesday to hear the result of their effort. However, the group of 22 did not win. In the class frustration, dejection, sense of failure could be read on their faces by the class teacher. The class teacher silently took some time to calm down the situation and continued with his task. There was no reaction from him. 

During the short break session, things took a different turn, the boys from the next door jeered, booed and insulted the group of 22. "NEVER A WINNER." was their mark. "The man in the picture looked like the puffed-up logo of Uncle Chips, the messages are written were unclear, the colours were ultra."

"Your class is always a loser!"

The boys rushed to the class and poured out themselves to the class teacher. The class teacher thoughtfully explained the class the Art of Being Tolerant. "Intolerance brings in a negative result, life should accept insult and defeat."

The students accepted the teacher's view and the monitor stood up and declared, "Sir, we will do it, once again! We will work with better ideas and we are ready to give up our games too."

The majority did stay for the hours which they had sacrificed. Gave the best and produced a better display.

Much awaited Tuesday arrived. The group of 22 missed a few heartbeats when they were announced the winner! This time there was a change in the winner's prize that was.........an outing to City Centre, Siliguri.

- Prakash Yonzon <yonzonprakash1@gmail.com> for Spectrum at Sacred Heart School Siliguri

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