Rajeshree Shihag: Date with Self

Social interactions have its ups and downs and can impact self-esteem. But solitude has invaluable benefits.  Solitude gives us the opportunity to discover our self, it also allows you to recharge.

We live in a “go! go! go!” society. One that seems to have trouble slowing down. Fortunately, or unfortunately we have received this opportunity to rejuvenate and indulge in self-care activities.

Solitude Fosters Self-awareness and Self-care.

To experience solitude, set aside time, as if you were going on a date. If you can stay at home; maybe on Sunday, 22nd March and spend that day with yourself, that would be a great idea!

“A Date with Self”, let’s find solitude at home; express gratitude for yourself, your home, the people in your life. Make a list of your positive qualities. An exercise in solitude reveals to us treasures within us, treasures that can be uplifting and healing. 

A small list of things we can do for self-care:
·      Read
·      Draw/paint/colour
·      Paint your nails
·      Follow a Skin/ Haircare routine.
·      Cook or bake
·      Watch TV
·      Do yoga
·      Pick up a new hobby

Be alone. It’s good for you. You deserve to know yourself better. Don’t save these things for your downtime; instead, flag off Sunday, 22nd March as self-care day, “A date with the self”.

- Rajeshree is Principal at The Fabindia School

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