Play, Curiosity and Enthusiasm: Kusum Sharma

Play is not only physical activity but also the mental development of any child. when we think of play, it is very easy to think of sports programs that help children develop they're fine motor skills. Play is a very essential activity for each individual to keep fit and happy. play teachers how to lose with good Grace and how to work with and against others. Nowadays children are very much engaged in social media, so they are lacking in outdoor games and physical activities which reduces their mental growth and physical fitness.

It is been noticed, that the child who is involved in sports is more confident in comparison to other children.

Along with sports activity if a child is curious to know about the things around him. Then he will gain extra knowledge of the things around him/her. Curiosity is often described as a natural desire to build knowledge. Curious people win more and more often because they never stop looking for ways to improve.

curiosity and enthusiasm means showing interest in the things that you do and get pleasure from them. It helps a child to engage in more productive activities.  An enthusiastic teacher also spices the class with excitement, enjoyment and engages students to participate and explore.
Kusum Sharma
The Fabindia School, Bali <>

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