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Working on social projects has always been a part of my life that has been bringing satisfaction in multiple colours through unveiling realities, connecting to the unknown and the best of all is in realizing and identifying myself as a part of the steps to make a difference in this world that I live happily in. Reminiscing the days when I was pursuing my masters in Jadavpur University brings back lovely memories that are filled with happiness, friendship, struggle, perseverance and courage.

It was in the year 2017 when we had to decide on the yearly project assigned by the University Grants Commission. We put our heads together and decided on doing some research on the education of the children of the sex workers. For this, we chose an NGO (Durbaar Community) to supplement us with the aid that was required. However, our approach was not at all given a smooth concord. After all, breaking stereotypes was what we were there for, therefore the inharmonious response couldn’t stop us.

Our courage helped us in our proceedings. Approaching the community at first made the people impatient. They were very harsh in judging us as spies. Their roughness was apparent in every move that we made to build relation. But, what we had in us that superseded their anxiety with warmth and acceptance is patience that made us take healthy decisions and balance the situation. I still am very proud of being courageous enough to hang on to the topic that was uncomfortable for many around and I still cherish the patience that worked well. It was this courage and patience of the team that made a difference in enhancing the children of the community that is looked down upon. These values were seemingly contagious as I see the people now talking about their rights and facing the challenges with both courage and patience.

“हर निराश मन में आशा और उम्मीद की एक किरण भर दो
धैर्य रखो, हिम्मत और साहस से तकदीर और तस्वीर बदल दो
- Sangharsh Chettri<> for Transformers SHS

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