Homework and Tuitions: Prerna Rathod

Homework and tuitions are the terms connected with the school. Homework is an essential part while tuition is an imposition. If a school handles homework in the correct way, then there is no need for tuition.

Many times homework is given and students don’t do it. There may be many reasons for this like student may not have understood it or he has forgotten or he needed guidance but he did not get help for parents. Homework must be given in such a way that students can do it easily and independently. It should be interesting so that he is eager to do. Too much homework should not be given otherwise the student will think it as a burden and not do it. Homework should be given to developing skills in a student like reading, creative writing, thinking skills, etc. In Mathematics sums should be given which have been taught in the class and students have understood it properly. This will help them to practice sums and improve it. Thus, a school must have qualified, compassionate, hardworking and caring Educators who will set homework keeping in mind their students. If homework is given keeping time in mind, then the child will get time to play, spend time with family and friends and do work which he likes.

Tuition, on the other hand, are an extra burden for the child. Nowadays, it has become a fashion to go for tuition. In some cases, parents send their child thinking this will help their child to get good marks. While sometimes, a child joins tuition because all his friends are going so he joins too. If a child is attentive in class and concentrates while the teacher is teaching then there is no need for tuition. Tuitions are necessary only for those children who really can’t do learning on their own and needs guidance. Parents should understand this and not put their child under stress.

If a child is able to do his homework on his own, then it is a sign that your child is going in the right school and is making progress. Also, your child does not need any tuition. It is important that your child becomes a good human being by developing skills rather than just mugging up notes.  
Prerna Rathod
The Fabindia School, Bali

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