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My Courageous Girl

"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are."

We are blessed to be surrounded by the future of our nation. It takes me back to the year 2016 when I had joined the school. I was warmly welcomed by the staff and the students of the school. The very first sight, I saw was the happy faces of the children. Each and every child made sure to make me feel comfortable here. I tried talking to everyone, however, there was this particular child who was a bit different than others.

She was a very joyful, talented child - a good singer, great leader, her academics were very impressive. I was observing this child every now and then because there was something different in her. Slowly I could see some changes in the attitude of the girl. She looked a bit disturbed. I tried talking to her many times but she simply said, "Everything is fine, Miss." I was getting a feeling that something was bothering this young vibrant girl.

One fine evening, after their games, when all the girls went to take a wash. I saw this child approaching towards me. Suddenly, she started crying. I somehow consoled her and she had something to share it with me. In fact, she was in a relationship but she did not want to continue it.
She was not being able to put it to end which was disturbing her both physically and mentally. I spend almost an hour talking to the child and trying to make her understand that everything is possible. After a while, she was felt a little better.

Next day, I saw her running towards me. She came and hugged me and said, "Miss, I did it, I made it possible. I put  an end to it." Now, she has become a fine lady and doing well in her life."

- Preeti Rai <> for Visioners @ Sacred Heart School Siliguri

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