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Courage Leads To Self Confidence 

Courage works as a booster and strengthens our self-confidence. It protects us from difficulties and challenges and prepares us to face situations by using the armour of courage. It also enables us to try out new things and make us adventurous.

This is a story of a little boy David who was feeling very bored as his parents were not at home one afternoon. So, he decided to go and watch a cricket match. He left his dog Snoofy in the house.

Just after David left the house a thief entered the house through the open window and started searching all the rooms. He stole all the valuables and when he was about to leave, he saw Snoofy standing in front of him and growling. 

Snoofy was in bad temper and was about to bounce on the thief when suddenly David returned home.
He said Snoofy to calm down and handed over the thief to the police.

It is important to teach the value of courage to the students because it helps them to believe in themselves and to overcome fear. It encourages them to take risks and give them the strength to handle tough situations and do the right things.

Patience- A powerful Weapon

Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.

The importance of patience should be realized by every individual. Patience in life can make us reach out for the stars, with patience we can avoid making any hasty decisions.

Life is not about living in the future or the past but accepting the present moment. Patience is a quality of waiting calmly without complaining. It helps us to be empathetic and makes us tolerant. It is a powerful weapon which helps us to fight against our negative emotions like - anger, frustration, irritation and arrogance.

Patience is a skill that can be learned and needs constant nurturing. We should learn how to cultivate the practice of patience to benefit relationships with ourselves, others and every area of life.

➽"Patience is bitter,
but its fruit is sweet."➽

- Rosa Rai<> for Optimizers at Sacred Heart School, Siliguri

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