Conscientiousness: Work to be Worth: Monika Vaishnav

As I believe in the quote 'Work is Worship' because work is the most important thing in our lives. Everybody does some or other work to earn and for their self-satisfaction. There is a thing which brings quality to our work with the time called conscientiousness.

Conscientiousness makes a person more responsible, punctual and honest towards his work. When we work hard and practice for a long time, it gives perfection to our work. Though setting a target and working hard for it is not easy but the result will always be fruitful. We all have some difficulties in our lives but how we deal with them, overcome them and manage to do our duty honestly, show our dedication and integrity towards our work. A teacher should set an example before children because they learn whatever they see around them.

A person must have patience and self-motivation to see improvement in his work. If we want to develop consciousness in our children, we must give them a task or work which makes them responsible and punctual. We should give them a chance to learn things from their own experiences. It will help them to learn things in a better way. There was a cooking activity in our school, where children of class V made sandwiches. In which they learnt how to chop vegetables. They came to know about the ingredients we use and how to make it. I was glad to see how happy they were doing everything.  Whatever they learnt during that activity, I think they will never forget it.
Monika Vaishnav
The Fabindia School, Bali

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