Sharing my thoughts with all the parents fraternity....

We all are facing a tough situation these days and fighting major pandemic which has forced us to be locked at homes. This is something we never imagined and thought of. As it's said, ”Tough times don’t last, tough people, do.”

Our children are with us at home, globally there are online classes happening, children are kept busy and we are worried about their academics, curriculum and studies. We are so tempted to create a time table for our children to ensure their learning, online stuff and many other things. And technology these days is helping us a lot but let’s introspect and reflect.

Our little ones and our children are also in a state of fear and panic. They are anxious as they haven’t experienced this situation before. They have mixed feelings about this lockdown and stay at home scenario. They don’t know whether they need to be happy because they have got a break from school or they need to be sad because they are unable to meet their teachers, friends and not been able to playground and play.

Next few days are going to be challenging as well witness an increase in their behaviour issues. They might be nervous, aggressive, throwing tantrums and much more. Let's understand them and be patient with them. They need our love, care and comfort. Let's not bind them and be free with them. We must talk to them about the sensitivity of the issue and assure them that this shall pass too and we ll overcome the situation. Let's use this time to create lifetime memories with them.

·      Play board games like ludo, scrabble, carrom etc
·      Draw and paint with them
·      Bake and cook
·      Read together
·      Discuss current affairs and news
·      Snuggle together

Let's not worry about academics, curriculum and studies. When kids get back to school, their teachers will fix it. Education and learning are never confined to any syllabus, books or walls of the classroom. It's much more than that.

 Remember the famous quote by John Dewey, ‘ Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.’

- Vasudha Neel Mani <>

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