Work from Home: New Learning - Ajay Vijayvargi

Due to the pandemic, the spread of COVID -19 virus, everyone was faced with a situation like never before. A complete lockdown in more than 22 states with the postponement of exams in schools, colleges etc gave new learning opportunities to educators which involves greater use of technology while implementing Social Distancing. 

At this time of Social Distancing to protect everyone from disease, we need to assign our students daily work and stay tuned with them to get the feedback, solve their difficulties, keep them away from rumours and update them with important information issued in the public interest by the government.

 If we look at the larger positive side of this the situation,  this has given us an opportunity to spend the much-awaited time with our closed ones and has also given an opportunity to try our hands at new learning opportunities, strategies using the technology and implement them in our teaching and learning styles effectively.

While social distancing requires staying aloof but the need of the hour is to stay connected with our family, relatives, workplace, colleagues, students and school leadership through alternate modes of communication(s) by simple calls, WhatsApp group chats, group calls, video recording of lessons prepared by yourself or by using any other apps – Youtube, Khan Academy, Zoom, Skype and many more.

Let’s pray for everyone’s well being while being connected and safe.
Let’s fight it together.
Ajay Vijayvargi
The Fabindia School, Bali

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