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Been thinking of Happy teachers and what it means to me, how to motivate and inspire them. 

From personal experience, it can only happen if there is a Passion to love and care for the students and be totally committed to the welfare of the students. An educator cannot afford to be ambitious or mercenary. Ambition often interferes in one's progress as an educator and often hinders a selfless approach.
RP Devgan with Neelam Sharma
at The Iconic School Bhopal

An educator must realise the enormity, the seriousness of the job and its ability to make a difference to children's lives.

Once the educators realise this than being at peace with oneself brings the feeling of happiness and satisfaction of making a difference.

Educators must realise that the rewards and awards will follow once the most spontaneously begin to love and care for the students and carry on with their job.

Again from personal experience, I can say that once the children realise that the educator genuinely cares for them they respond with great enthusiasm and a feeling of trust.

Winning the trust of a child is of utmost importance in making a difference to their growing up and their learning.

In many ways, a happy educator changes the atmosphere of a classroom and learning becomes a joy for all. The educator becomes a happily accepted role model to all.

Here is where Happy Teachers in a School make a difference not only to children's lives but to their parents too. The parents in return have full trust in the School where the child feels happy and has a sense of belonging.

Happy teachers help in making the bond stronger between the parents and their children.

Rajinder Pal Devgan
Chairperson Learning Forward India

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