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Schools can't become the best places for students to learn and grow unless we make them the best place for teachers to work and grow.

Everyone has a story about a teacher who made an impact. Whether that teacher ignited a passion, discovered a strength or recognized a need, students carry the memory close to their hearts long after they leave the classroom. 

'The things you say and do have a lasting impact on the people you serve. As a qualitative researcher, I can support that statement with data. I have interviewed hundreds of people about the teachers they remember, and I am always amazed by the clear memories former students carry for decades. Even more amazing are the ways a teacher’s words or actions continue to impact their lives.' Julie Schmidt Hasson

Learning Forward India Foundation
Section 8 not-for-profit company
We grow the capacity of your people to improve student achievement and transform your school into a culture of trust and collaboration in less time with fewer resources.

The Foundation works for school transformation with an emphasis on culture as a service. We'll design a plan that meets your unique needs and improves teaching and learning in your system. When teachers experience the joy of learning, you are assured of better learning outcomes for the students. We do this by involving all the stakeholders - Teachers, Students, Parents and the Management.

Learning Forward India Professional Learning Program - Focuses on building professional learning communities. The program leverages the best in adult learning, research on organisational change, and practical experience to create capacity for sustained improvements in educators. #HappyTeachers

My Good School - We help our partner schools to work for the personal and social development of an individual by offering an environment where experiential learning is made possible through activities beyond just study. The program helps measure the improvement in student learning at school. Our digital portfolio is the game-changer and works to deliver a tailor-made school experience for every individual. #MyGoodSchool

Our work with The Fabindia School has been widely acclaimed all over the world, we have had the opportunity to be invited to Finland, Singapore, USA and other places to tell the story of school culture transformation.

The Foundation website www.SchoolEducation.com will further help showcase our scope of work; the Learning Academy Blog www.BrewingKnowledge.com shares how teachers experience the joy of learning.

Partner us for helping teachers deliver better learning outcomes, send us an email <LF@ebd.in> and help build learning communities.

- Sandeep Dutt
As School Improvement Coach, he focuses on school transformation with an emphasis on culture as a service. With over 30 years of experience as a trainer and mentor, Sandeep has been involved with schools across the country and worked with teachers and students all over the world. Read more...www.SandeepDutt.com

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