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Joy Of Honesty

"Honesty" is the key to happiness and freedom.

Our elders have always taught us to be honest. Here is a short and true story of a girl named Arya who was a very shy, timid and introvert child. She was given a task by her teacher in the class to draw something and write about "HONESTY".
The task was very interesting for the other student, but it seemed, Arya was keen to do it.

The very next day, when the teacher collected the work given on the previous day, it was found that Arya's project was the best in the entire class. At that time, the teacher praised her hard work in front of the whole class. As the class was about to end, Arya came up to the teacher and spoke the truth that the project "HONESTY" was actually prepared by her friend.

By this, the teacher was overjoyed for her courage to come up and speak the truth. She became the role model in the class for her honesty, after which she became happy, loyal, sincere, confident and reliable.

Journey of Respect

Being respected by important people in our lives teaches us how to be respectful towards others. Respect means that we accept others as they are, as our relationship builds feelings of trust, safety and well being. We can show respect by being polite and kind, the value of respect is a part of every day's wisdom. It is difficult or rather impossible to respect others if we don't respect ourselves. As an educator at times, we face challenges of the students being disrespectful and dealing with them becomes a significant problem at times.

When a student is disrespectful to us, we have to be willing to lose the battle and remind ourselves that we will be more effective if we maintain emotional control. We need to stay calm and not react in that particular situation. Receiving respect from others is essential because it helps us to feel safe and express ourselves.

 Respect is earned.
Honesty is appreciated.
Trust is gained.
Loyalty is returned.
- Rosa Rai <rosarai2020@gmail.com> for Optimizers at Sacred Heart School, Siliguri

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