What is Conscientiousness? : Kavita Devda

Conscientiousness is the motivation of being responsible, careful and diligent. Conscientiousness implies a desire to do a task well.
Conscientious people exhibit a tendency to show self-discipline, act dutifully and aim for achievement.

The following are the examples of conscientiousness:-

Diligence: Committing attention and effort to a task.

Persistence: Continuing with a task until it is completed.

Honesty: A desire to tell the truth and avoid to be dishonest.

Responsibility: Taking responsibilities seriously and doing what it takes to deliver to commitments.

Self-Discipline: An ability to control feelings and thoughts to focus on a goal.

An ability to focus on a task and work extended hours until a task is complete.

Why is it important to be conscientious?
Conscientious individuals also are more likely to succeed because they tend to have higher levels of organisation ability. This bides you more time to focus on what's actually important and to complete what actually needs to be done.
Kavita Devda
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