Happiness and Tolerance - Monika Vaishnav

Happiness is a feeling that makes us feel good. It is something that gives our mind immense
pleasure and peace.  We can't find it in a particular situation, there are various things that make us happy. Happiness is when you are satisfied with what you have; you just live a happy life without making others unhappy. It is when you feel peace around yourself, without making noise in other's lives. Happiness is when you do something good or gain something with our hard work and you share that pleasure with others. It is when you live in the present without rogation about yesterday and worrying about the future. We also feel happy when we fulfil our responsibility honestly. 

It is very important to be happy because being unhappy we can't give our best in anything. Our state of mind affects our behaviour as well as our work. As an educator, we must be happy when we enter the class because a happy teacher will spread happiness in the class, it will help in better learning outcomes. It is also necessary that the children are happy; otherwise, they will not gain how much they can. If a child is suffering from any kind of difficulty, we as responsible educators find out the reason behind his sadness and help him.  They are very innocent and full of life and find happiness in anything they love. Our little act of appreciation and care can make them happy too.

Tolerance is a willingness to accept the things happily which we generally disagree with. We all are different, so our way of thinking is also different that's why our opinions or views are also different. Sometimes, we face such situations in the class which we generally dislike but still, we respect every individual personality and handle things without getting angry or showing aggression, shows how tolerant we are.  We can handle things calmly only if we have patience and understanding. If we have the capacity to listen to other's views, we will be able to understand their views also.  We should teach children to respect and appreciate others views.

Monika Vaishnav
The Fabindia School

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