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It was my first year as a preschool teacher.  Preschool classes bubble with energy and varied developmental skills.  A  teacher has to balance them all without hurting any child’s emotions. The role of a preschool teacher is challenging; to get children to understand the importance of valuing each other’s emotions.

I had a learner named Darsh. He was an autistic child. During the concept time, he used to feel restless and run about in the classroom and sometimes even used to throw objects at his classmates. This behaviour distracted other children and they started behaving rudely with him. His aggression increased as other children retaliated. 

On the one hand, it was necessary for me not to react at Darsh’s behaviour negatively and on the other, guide the remaining class to accept him as he was. I explained and made children understand how Darsh was special than all of us. I had to tell them that each member of a family is different yet we love them and don’t misbehave with them, in the same way, our classroom is our second home. Each and every child is an important member of us in spite of their differences. 

The children realised their mistake and whenever Darsh reacted inappropriately, children calmed him down by showering love and care. This change in the children’s behaviour towards him reduced his aggression and we were all a happy family for the rest of the year. 

Tolerance is to have  faith and maintain an objective attitude towards others whose lifestyle and behaviour differs from our thought process.  The  moment we accept  people the way they are, the happier we feel.
Optimizers @ Billabong High International School Thane
- Sanket Patel, Kalyani Chaudhuri, Ajita Bhoir, Momita Banerjee, Madhubala Saji, Rupal Trivedi, Kshama Rajgor

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