Friendship - Monika Vaishnav

We have some relation by birth which we don't have to create and have a strong bonding with them naturally.  But there is a relation we make which is based on love, care, understanding and trust are called friendship.
In my opinion, friendship is a pure relationship between two people which is beyond selfishness.
A friend is a person with whom we can share anything, which we can't share with anyone else. Friendship is not just about having fun or sharing happiness with each other, it's about standing by each other and supporting each other whenever it is needed and must correct each other whenever he or she is doing wrong and helps to show the right path.  It is the only relation which does not see the differences in religion, caste, financial status etc.

When we have friendship with someone, we should accept him with his weakness and strength too because nobody is perfect in this world. A friend is one who doesn't afraid to stand by you even if hundreds of people are against you. People must have enough faith in each other that no one can create misunderstanding between them. Friendship brings sweetness in life. It can make us laugh at a difficult time. When I see children, I feel they love to come to the school because of their friends, they play, eat, study and laugh together. They won't like to come to school if they don't have their friends there.

Monika Vaishnav
The Fabindia School

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