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I would like to share a small story. There were two students in a class, who were totally different from each other. One was a polite child and the other one was mischievous with his own group. This group once decided to create some nuisance in class and started troubling others. All other students started responding in some or the other way, only there was one child in the class who was very calm and polite to this group. As they increased troubling him more, he responded to them more politely. Everyone tried to annoy that kid, but no one succeeded in annoying him. Self-realization in the best we can do if we make some mistake. The same thing happened with that group. They realized that they were wrong and finally felt sorry for that nuisance.

From the above story, we get to know that, No matter what are the circumstances in front of us. We should always face it politely. Remember Father of our Nation “Mahatma Gandhi” who always said, “Even if anyone comes and slaps you, don’t raise your hand rather show him the other side of your face”. Being polite is the best value, asset and weapon to tackle any situation.

When we get into some trouble or face some problem. We have the tendency to look for the person who is calm and polite in any condition. So that we can share our thoughts and take some advice. The same way others will also look to us when we will stay polite to everyone. No one can do anything wrong to you until and unless you do it for others. It is better to wear a smile and avoid misconceptions.

-Jitendra Suthar
The Fabindia School

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