Just Rs 1100.00 for Happy Teachers

Support your Teachers
We grow the capacity of your people to improve student achievement and transform your school into a culture of trust and collaboration in less time with fewer resources.

You can share your time, your resources and even money to strengthen the Foundation. The Learning Forward India Foundation is committed to building a sustainable organisation for Happy Teachers and values your professional capital. our association assures you of transparency and promises to help schools deliver better, please partner us.
Use the opportunity to contribute to the Professional Learning Program for teachers. A small gift of Rs 1100/- will help one teacher experience the Joy Of Learning, and attend as many as 11 training sessions.
 #HappyTeachers build #MyGoodSchool

Pic Courtesy Nehar Parmar for The Fabindia School
Future of School Education - Long-lasting success in professional learning needs a ‘culture of learning,’ and this is where I feel that if teachers do not take charge of their knowledge, there is no future. The teachers need to discover themselves; they need to learn more methods; they need to share more and overcome the lack of professional learning. It is high time for the PLCs (Professional Learning Communities) to take charge. You too can support your teams to design the Future of Learning – which could be a focus on the level of the classroom and transformation in organisational culture.

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