Conscientiousness : Ready to take responsibility: Urmila Rathod

Duty loyalty usually means being responsible for a task or performing a duty. Whenever we talk about any responsibility, it is very important to understand the importance of time, place and position. It is also our duty to take care of each member, to listen to them and show responsibility towards each other, be it children, family or other acquaintances. We can also fulfil our duty by fulfilling small needs.

In the same way, every citizen living in a society should have sympathy, understanding, help each other and live in love among themselves. If we look at a large scale, neither our society nor the country should be harmed by any of our actions, whether it is of private interest or public. A person is considered responsible only when he/she has the audacity to uptake any task.

These things are also given priority in school.

Carrying out other responsibilities of the school along with teaching such as resolving students' personal and educational problems, monitoring and maintaining the school premises, taking care of cleanliness and participating in various activities, helping them, helping others, honesty and working with full devotion, etc. make a person diligent or 'conscientious'. It has often been seen that we are very conscious of our rights but whenever it comes to duty, we want to get rid of inattention or work which should not happen.

Just as we work with integrity, it should be our take to make children also learn. These attributes seem small but make a person great such as being disciplined in school, respecting elders, love for youngers, caring and sympathy for plants and animals, not spreading garbage, maintaining school property like buses, chairs, tables, boards, dusters, etc. Along with a good work ethic, sometimes circumstances also require us to care and support the weaker and needy members of our family.

There is a great need to teach moral values ​​to children, this value will make them a responsible citizen. In developed nations like Japan, students do their own school and classroom cleaning and other tasks which develop the qualities of responsibility and independence in them.

When we all together take responsibility for any task, then that work will be good on our own and we can knowingly and unknowingly make our home, society, workplace and country beautiful and peaceful.
Urmila Rathore
The Fabindia School, Bali

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