How to Maintain Concentration - Prakash Dangi

Most of the time we get motivated by others and make new plans with full excitement,
collect some books and notes, etc. Sometimes we even take admission in some institutes and make a new routine. We think of never giving up until we reach our destination and promise ourselves to start the study with new expectations. But gradually, the excitement seems to get weak day by day. And after some days, we even stop putting in efforts in our studies.

This situation is faced by most of the students. It is not only in academics but also in many other sectors. When we don't concentrate, we lose our patience. It is very essential to be determined towards our goal to succeed well. You should choose the subject of your interest so that you don't regret selecting the subject suggested by others.

Sometimes we see the children choose the subject under parent’s pressure. Parents tell the students to choose a subject without even knowing their interest. Every person is unique and has different qualities. To know the inner talent of yourself and to maintain the concentration for a long time, it is important to find our inner qualities and proceed forward in that field. We don't understand immediately any subject. But we should learn a subject from the start and the basics. After that, we can solve problems easily and improve the subject slowly- slowly. To maintain the concentration, we need to have a big dream and some role model. Every day we should stay focused and think to complete our dreams. So, on the basis of my experience, if you follow these tips, definitely you will achieve your dreams.
Prakash Dangi
The Fabindia School

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