Self Confidence - Richa Solanki

Self-confidence is the direct pathway to success. People who have a lack of self-confidence, for them it becomes difficult to gain success. They have to build self-confidence and success will follow them eventually. 

Confident people believe in themselves and their abilities, they also believe in living life to the full. Self-confidence is a very important part of our lives. Always remember that whatever task is given to us, take up with confidence and it should be with passion and aspiring at success.

Thinking about the fear of failure and avoid taking risks, this makes you confident. People think self-esteem and self-confidence both to be the same. But self-esteem means one's desire and self- confidence is one’s ability to complete the goal that you have to achieve in life.

And always remember never be overconfident because it always put yourself down and often put negative thoughts in mind.

Richa Solanki
The Fabindia School

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