Quarantine, No It's Family Time- Prerna Rathod

Why are we calling it quarantine, this is indeed our family time. I know that some of us are not at our homes, but at least you have a family. This is the time when you should spend some time with your family, do some productive work, develop new skills within you, follow your passion, etc.

We should not consider this as a punishment for us, instead should understand that this is the time when our Mother Earth is healing itself. We should be happy, as, in this era of busy lives, we took a pause to relive our moments which we might have missed sometimes due to the stress or burden of our work. This time is indeed a boon for those children who were far away from their homes for the purpose of studying, or job and might just go back home for some time and just got that much time to live happily with their family.

Like we are familiar, every coin is born with its pros and cons, so does this situation of COVID-19. On the one hand, some people are in their homes and are safe with their families. On the other hand, there are some people who have stuck away from their homes due to the complete lockdown of the nation, or some people are fighting for life with COVID-19. We should be thankful for our heroes who are out on the roads to guide and save us(Police and News Reporters), who are working hard with their duties to save our lives(Doctors), etc. We should be thankful to our Government who controlled this situation at the very starting point only.

In this difficult time, we should follow the guidelines that are given to us, we should randomly call a person (friend or relative) who is far from home, we should help the needy, most of all we should respect people who are taking measures to deal with this situation and help them with what is possible for us.

I would like to end with the lines of a song:
"Jo saath de de saara India,
Fir muskurayega India,
Fir jeet jayega India,
Jo saath de saara India."

Prerna Rathod
The Fabindia School

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