Focus to Achieve Success- Rahul Kumar Thakur

Focus is the concentration of attention or energy on something. To achieve success
in the life we have to FOCUS on 4 steps:
1.    Focus on Goal
2.    Identification of distraction
3.    Rise your standard
4.    A mentor is important in life
1.    Focus on goal: Let’s take an example of flying Sikh Milkha Singh; remember Milkha Singh is not good in racing. The reason behind his success is every time he used to set a goal.
First-time Milkha Singh won the race because he was not good in his running, but his coach had said that the candidate who will come first will get an extra diet. While running he fell down due to fatigue but he got up and started running to get the big glass of milk and extra diet.
Milkha Singh made a clear focus on his mind and focus is life
Bill Gates says, ‘The reason behind my success is I have a focus on very fewer things.’
2.    Identification of distraction: Taking the example of Milkha Singh, in Australia he lost the pre-qualifying race, you know why because he went to Australia for the first time. The beautiful ladies distracted him; he went to a party and started enjoying. Next morning he lost his race. I want to say that distraction and direction are inversely proportionate, when direction increases distraction decreases and when distraction increases direction decreases.
To remove distraction direction should be clear. Identify your distraction; say no to social media ritual. You decide how much time you will spend in social media; make yourself disciplined; only 15 min to social media, after 8pm no phone usages, aeroplane mode discipline. Same Milkha Singh has done he identified his distraction and said no to beautiful ladies and parties, before the final match in Pakistan. Pakistan coach said to Milkha Singh to distract that this race can be the last race of your life. You know what Milkha Singh replied,’ I will run this race like the last race of my life and he won the race’.
3.    Raise your standard: Today whatever you are doing keep improving yourself. You don’t have to prove, you have to improve yourself.
Golden statement- ‘Koi bhi lakshy inssan k prayaasho se baada nahi hai, hara to wo hai jo inssan kabhi ladha nahi hai.’ 
Same thing Milkha Singh did. He raised his standard of training so that he could represent India.
4.    A mentor is important in life: Mentor, coach and guide are the important aspects of our life. Milkha Singh used to say that in my 80 races I have won 77 races because of my coach and the Indian Army.
So, select your mentor, coach or guide to achieve success in life.
                Rahul Kumar Thakur
                The Fabindia School

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