Giving and Entitlement: Kusum Sharma

In this modern world, where all the multimedia and communication facilities are available. Most of the parents want to provide their children with all the good facilities to bring them up in this competitive world. Because parents are aware of the tough competitions in education. 

Every parent wants to provide facilities to their children beyond their economic status because most of the families are living as nuclear families where very few members are there in the family and parents can provide all the facilities easily for their children. 

Sometimes children also feel that they deserve for and entitle to certain privileges because since their childhood they were getting all the facilities and things which they needed. Parents also feel that giving all the facilities for education is one of the best investment. But as a parent, we need to be very deliberate about the requirement of our child. We have to be careful about what kind of resources is useful for children. 

There are plenty of examples of the students those who did wonders without any resources. Sometimes children do not need multimedia facilities and internet connection because in their school libraries are full of resource books and actually they do not need any such facilities as it is also a source of distraction. In this situation children use these internet facilities for personal chatting and unwanted knowledge, as a result, they waste a lot of time. This is why it is so important for a child's development that parents and teachers work together for their requirements, their needs and foundation for their good education.
Kusum Sharma
The Fabindia School, Bali

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