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What is caring? Caring is when you do a good deed for someone because it is the right thing to do. Caring is one of the most important values of our life. Caring can be learned by all human beings. Caring is to look after or concern for someone. In our school also students take care of each other. They help each other in studies, sharing things and even share their lunch. We also care for the people with whom we are attached. For example - Our vegetables grow well in our school garden because we water them and do the weeding. You need to give the care to receive the same. If we care for someone they may feel happy or feel special. Without a sense of caring, there will be no sense of community.

Caring about the people, things, life is an act of maturity. Caring people are eager to provide encouragement and support when needed most. We can tell our children to look after someone who is new in the class who doesn't speak English. We care for our school so it is a great place to learn.

It's important to care for everyone even if it's not easy sometimes. This value can help the children to be kind to others and respect themselves as well as others. When you care for someone, you make a difference in the world with kindness. If you really like someone and care about them, you can survive many difficulties.

Caring is supporting people as they go through tough times. Caring is helping others in time of needs. The world will be a better place if we care for one another.

Manisha Deora
The Fabindia School

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