Ten Formulas of Success - Manish Jaiswal

I hope each one of you will be quite happy and healthy when this article touches you in this
period of lockdown everywhere.

See the positive side of lockdown & take this state of being at home full day as a challenge for yourself to increase sitting hours of study. In the normal days, we have a lot of distractions from a study like friends, outings, outside works etc. These distractions are absent nowadays except your TV & mobile. So starting with a 72-hour challenge (except your online study), break your attraction from these two as well.

Experience new things in your increased sitting hours. As soon as we increase sitting our speed of understanding and grasping the concept increases to many times in the later hours of study. Scientifically it is due to an increase in our concentration /focus in later hours of study. In the early hours of study, our mind is full of outside happenings which fade with time. This proves the importance of increased sitting hours in the life of students of secondary and senior secondary classes especially. Some of the board toppers and merit achievers have also revealed this experience in their interviews.

Furthermore, Today I want to give you 10 point study values to ensure success in your ambition.


1. Self Discipline (A student should set a target for himself & keep chasing it)
2. Serenity (He/She should be fully serious towards aim & work calmly)
3. Synergy (Good Communication with teacher & own classmates)
4. Steady (Regularly/Nonstop work for aim)
5. Stamina (Patience in efforts because F.A.I.L means First Attempt In Learning)
6. Succinct (Make your own brief summary notes as memory is limited )
7. Sensible (Use your mind to decide the priority of more importance topics)
8. Share (Sharing resources increases knowledge)
9. Satisfaction (Daily achieving target bring satisfaction & keeps motivated)
10. Self Reliance (Keep in mind that no one can better

So, stay at home, remain motivated, keep studying, fulfil your dreams and come out with flying colours.

Of course, the future is yours……This is what I think is important for your success. 

Manish Jaiswal
The Fabindia School

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