Happiness and Tolerance - Bharti Rao

School is a place to learn where we don’t just learn grammar or geometry but also building
community and social interaction. For these schools along with the curriculum also help the students to inculcate moral values. Happiness and Tolerance are the foremost values which are necessary for the School Environment.

To create a happier, healthier and productive environment in the school, faculty and students should be happy and tolerant. As an educator I always want my students to be happy. If we want our students to be happy we should be tolerant of them. We should listen, understand their problems and try to solve it so that they may be happy and be comfortable with us.

Caring, loving and personal connection with each student is good for their brains, learning and improving their behaviour. Students are always happy when we organize activities or excursions for the students.  School Picnic was organized to Thandi Beri in Ghanerao. All the students and teachers along with the Principal were going to go for the picnic but Class XI was exempted to join the picnic. All the students were happy, excited and eager for the picnic and discussing what they would do and bring for the picnic.

Class XI was very unhappy and sitting quietly. Seeing them unhappy even their teachers were unhappy. They wanted to find a way so that the Principal would give them permission. The students behaved properly from that day and their performance was satisfactory in their Term I.

Everyone showed their patience, tolerance and gave good results. This behaviour helped them to change the decision of the Principal and she allowed them to be a part of the picnic. They behaved properly even in the picnic, helped the juniors and exhibited leadership qualities. The happiness of the teachers lies in the happiness of the students.

Bharti Rao 
The Fabindia School

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